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Puerto Rico's Bioluminescent Bays

There are five bioluminescent bays in the world and three of them are in Puerto Rico. Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande and La Parguera. The other two are located in Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica and Halong Bay in Vietnam.

A bioluminescent bay or bio bay is a body of water that glows. The bioluminescence (bio = life, luminescence = light) of a bio bay is caused by single-cell marine plankton known as dinoflagellates that glow in a blue-green color when disturbed. The glow percentage varies based on the water temperature, moon cycles, water currents, and other ecological factors.

Mosquito Bay is located on the island of Vieques, east of the coast of Puerto Rico. Mosquito Bay is the brightest and best-known bioluminescent bay in the world. Recognized in 2006 by the Guinness World Records as the brightest bio bay in the world. The bay is said to have one of the highest concentrations of the plankton in the world, ranging from an average of 700,000 bioluminescent dinoflagellates to 2,100,000 per gallon of water.

The second brightest is Laguna Grande located on the northeastern part of Puerto Rico, in Fajardo.

The least bright is La Parguera located southwestern part of Puerto Rico, in the town of Lajas.

Swimming is not allowed in Mosquito Bay and Laguna Grande; you can swim and snorkel in the bay at La Parguera. Remember to plan and book your tour around the moon cycle, the darker the night, the brighter the bioluminescence.

Tours are available all year-round; prices range from $45 to $135.

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Did You Know?

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, therefore U.S. citizens do not need a passport and can travel freely in and out of the island without going through immigration or customs.