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Puerto Rico Events & Festivals

Old San Juan

You'll find plenty of events in Puerto Rico, no matter where you're there, is always something fun happening, chances are you will find a town festival, carnival or music show.

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June Events in Puerto Rico

  • Festival del Pescao in Arroyo
  • Feria de Artesanias in Aguada
  • Festival de la Arepa in Vieques
  • Festival del Mundillo in Moca - Moca welcomes everybody to its Bobbin Lace Festival. Exhibits of bobbin lace (mundillo) as well as other types of weaving and knitting take place at the plaza town. The festival also includes: weaving demonstrations, traditional music, food and drinks.
  • Mundillo Festival in Moca - Moca celebrates every year this festival where you can view displays of delicate bobbin lace.

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Did You Know?

The biggest JC Penney in the world is located in Plaza Las Américas mall in Puerto Rico.