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Events Taking Place in January

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  1. Certamen de Aguinaldo - January

  2. Dia de los Reyes - January
    Three Kings Day is the traditional gift-giving holiday on the island, commemorates the day that the three Wise Men brought gifts to the Christ child. In La Fortaleza the governor honors the tradition by handing out gifts to island children.
    San Juan
    (787) 724-7171

  3. Festival de Bellas Artes - January

  4. Festival de la Calle de San Sebastian - January
    This festival sponsored by the Institute for Puerto Rican Culture, take place in San Sebastian street for three days, celebrating Puerto Rican culture with a full program of parades, folkloric dances, music, food and crafts.
    San Juan
    (787) 724-0910

  5. Festival de la Novilla - January
    San Sebastian

  6. Festival de Reyes - January

  7. Festival de Reyes - January
    San Sebastian

  8. Festival de Teatro Musical - January
    San Juan

  9. Festival Folklorico de Campo y Pueblo - January
    Aguas Buenas

  10. Festival Folklorico Internacional - January
    San Juan

  11. Festival Mayuco - January

  12. Festival Santos Reyes - January
    Juana Diaz

  13. Fiesta de Reyes Isabelinos - January 5-6
    Every year Isabela celebrates the holiday with a two-day festivity that includes dramatizations of the arrival of the three Magi and their pilgrimage to find the baby Jesus, adore him and present their gifts. The glorious outcome is celebrated with a fiesta at the town square (Plaza Manuel Maria Corchado y Juarbe) that includes a Velorio de Reyes, a traditional song fest in honor of the Magi; handcrafts fair, Trovadores contest with prizes, puppet shows for children, Christmas music and carolers, typical food and drinks.
    (787) 819-6555

  14. Fiesta de Reyes - January
    (787) 272-0101

  15. Fiestas de Reyes - January

  16. Fiestas Patronales de la Sagrada Familia - January
    Every year, Corozal celebrates a patron saint festival. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions.
    (787) 859-3060

  17. Fiestas Patronales de San Antonio Abad - January
    Every year, Anasco celebrates a patron saint festival. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions.
    (787) 826-3100

  18. Fiestas Patronales de San Sebastian - January
    San Sebastian

  19. LeLoLai Cultural Festival - January 27 - May 25
    Every Tuesday at 6:00pm San Juan National Historic Site and Puerto Rico Tourism Company present Ballet Folklorico Areyto as part of the Le Lo Lai Cultural Festival. Fort San Cristobal is located on Norzagaray St. Entrance fee is $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for seniors, $1.00 for children 13 and above. Children under 12 are free.
    San Juan

  20. Puerto Rico Baseball Season - November/December/January
    Puerto Rican professional teams compete at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan and in other parks throughout the island.

  21. Three Kings' Day - January
    This traditional gift-giving day in PR is celebrate with festivals that include music, dancing, parades, and caroling troubdours.

  22. Truya de Reyes - January
    San Lorenzo

  23. Velorio de los Reyes - January

  24. Velorio de Reyes - January

  25. Velorio de Reyes - January

Did You Know?

In Puerto Rico, life expectancy at birth for the population has increased from 29.8 years in 1902 to 79.4 years in 2016.