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  1. Asylum
    Asylum is known for its excellent College parties and its great DJs. On Fridays, the disco offers live music with some of the best bands in town.

  2. (787) 723-3416

  3. Babylon
    Babylon is as elegant as its host hotel, the San Juan Hotel & Casino, and enforces a very-strict, semi-formal dress code.

  4. (787) 791-2781

  5. Blue Dolphin Bar
    The Blue Dolphin Bar is a "hotspot" located right on the premises of the small, but fashionable, Empress Oceanfront hotel that is located in the Isla Verde district area. This bar offers an ocean deck, with beautiful views of the coast, and live tropical music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They also provide an enjoyable Happy Hour from 4-6pm daily.

  6. (787) 791-3083

  7. Bukamarango's
    This small club offers several pool tables as well as live music several nights a week. There are special parties scheduled every weekend and events like the annual Bukamarango's Mardi Gras make this establishment well-known among the locals. Frequented by local teenagers and young professionals alike. There is a small parking area available in front of the pub.

  8. (787) 792-6423

  9. Cafe Bohemio
    Occasional live music. Open daily from 11am.

  10. (787) 723-9200

  11. Cafe Matisse
    Offers live jazz and blues, classic rock and roll, and poetry readings Tuesday-Sunday.

  12. (787) 723-7910

  13. Club Lazer
    The club has a roof deck overlooking San Juan and features different music on different nights; Saturday is ladies' night.

  14. (787)721-4479 (787)725-7581

  15. Club Millennium

  16. (787) 722-1900

  17. Diva's

  18. (787) 721-8270

  19. Dunbar's

  20. (787) 728-6920

  21. Stargate
    Located in Santurce is the hottest club in San Juan. Stargate delivers a wide range of musical choices.

  22. (787) 725-4675

  23. Eros The Club
    Open Wed-Sun 10pm. - until closed.

  24. (787) 722-1131

  25. Holly's Disco
    Live music every Friday and Saturday. On Friday, Thank God it's Friday for Executives with happy hour from 5pm to 12am and our famous Holly's Jukebox. On Saturday, the most famous local merengue bands play at our disco all night long. Ladies Happy Hour! Holiday of Ponce & Tropical Casino

  26. (787) 844-1200

  27. Krash

  28. (787) 722-1390

  29. Lazers Videotheque

  30. (787) 721-4479

  31. San Juan Chateau
    Enjoy the executive's Happy Hour every Friday. On Saturdays, several local bands perform on stage so you can dance the night away. The San Juan Chateau is locally known for being one of the best weekend party spots, especially for those who are really fond of dancing, dancing, and more dancing!

  32. (787) 751-2000

  33. Shannan's Pub

  34. (787) 281-8466

  35. The Oyster Bar

  36. (787) 726-2161

  37. Andale

  38. (787) 724-4594

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Puerto Rico has the largest JCPenney in the world.