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Historic Sites & Forts

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  1. Antigua Hacienda Guánica

  2. Arroyo Train
    Update: Currently closed for renovations. Daily train rides through an old sugar cane plantation.

  3. (787) 271-1574

  4. Bacardi Rum Plant
    Bacardi Rum Plant is the largest rum distillery in the world, processing some 100,000 gallons daily. The tour includes a trolley tour of the distillery and bottling plant, a museum and a free rum cocktail. Tours thru the plant are available. Open for tours Mon-Sat. except holidays, from 9am to 4:30pm. Sunday from 10:00am to 4:30pm. Admissions $15, Seniors $12.

  5. (787) 788-8400

  6. Bayamon City Hall
    Bayamon's eight story building, city hall spans five lanes of highway. Built in 1978 of concrete, glass, and lemon-yellow steel I-beams is the only suspended building of its kind in the Caribbean and is believed to be the only one of its class around the world. The building has a bridge that connects people from one side of it to the other.

  7. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse ("El Faro")
    The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse located on Route 303, was built in 1881 over limestone cliffs that drop 200 feet into the sea. It is also known as "Faro de Los Morillos". This old lighthouse was automated and electrically charged in 1967.

  8. (787) 851-1025

  9. Cacique Jayuya Monument

  10. (787) 828-1241

  11. Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park
    Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park is the most important archaeological deposit in the Antilles. Built by the Taino Indians some 800 years ago. Cobbled walkways birder ten Indian courts. Stone monoliths are decorated with petroglyphs.

  12. (787) 894-7325

  13. Caja de Muertos Lighthouse
    The Caja de Muerto Lighthouse is a 19th century lighthouse. Restored by the Department of Natural Resources and houses a lookout and a museum.

  14. Casa Aduana

  15. (787) 831-3342

  16. Casa Alcaldia de Aguada
    Built in 1929.

  17. Castillo San Cristobal
    San Cristóbal Fort was El Morro's partner in the city's defense. Built in the 18th century, was considered the Gibraltar of the West Indies. San Cristobal was supported by a massive system of outworks which provided defense in depth and is is one of the largest defenses ever built in the Americas. Guided tours show visitors through the maze Tue, Thu-Fri at 10am, 11am, 2pm and 3pm. Open daily 9am - 5pm.

  18. (787) 729-6653

  19. Castillo San Felipe del Morro
    El Morro was initially fortified in 1539 and completed in 1589. Rising 140 feet above the sea, its 18-foot-thick wall proved a formidable defense. It fell only once, in 1538, to a land assault by the Earl of Cumberland's forces. The fort is a maze of tunnels, dungeons, barracks, outposts and ramps. Many restorations and expansions contributed to the imposing structure it is today. The area was designated a National Historic Site in February, 1949 with 74 total acres. Tours, orientation, and video presentation are available in English and Spanish. Open daily 9am-5pm. Free admission.

  20. (787) 729-6960

  21. Catedral de la Guadalupe
    Built in 1883, this beautiful church stands in the center of the plaza, surrounded by lovely fountains, bench sitting denizens, and a century old wooden firehouse. Located on the Plaza Degetau.

  22. (787) 842-0134

  23. Central Coloso
    Central Coloso is one of the oldest sugar cane processing plants that still in operation in Puerto Rico.

  24. Central Constancia
    Dating back to 1878, the Central Constancia was a sugar power station dedicated to seed and to grind cane. The central is well-known for having a chimney that used to drive seedtime and the cut of cane and a well preserved steam locomotive. It continued operations until half-full of century XX.

  25. (787) 261-0202

  26. Central Mercedita
    Found in 1870 by Don Jose Ramón de Aponte. In 1938, the facilities packed about 60,000 tons of sugar.

  27. Centro Ceremonial Indigena de Tibes
    This ancient Indian site, dating from A.D. 700, includes seven bateyes (ball courts), some carved with petroglyphs, said to have been used for a soccer like game. The site also includes two dance grounds, stones line up with the sun during the equinox and solstice, making Tibes a pre-Columbian astronomical observatory. There is also a reconstructed Taíno village, with thatched roof bamboo huts, a museum, an exhibition hall that presents a documentary about Tibes, a cafeteria, and a souvenir shop. Tue-Sun 8:30am-4pm. Admission: Adults $2, children $1.

  28. (787) 840-2255

  29. Cervecería India
    Annual capacity of 800000 barrels.

  30. (787) 834-1000

  31. Christopher Columbus Town Square

  32. El Capitolio
    The Capitol was built in the 1920's to hold the offices of senators on one wing and those of representatives on the other, with galleries, friezes, mosaics and an impressive rotunda in which Puerto Rico's constitution is exhibited. Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm.

  33. (787) 721-5200 ext. 301

  34. Ermita Espinar Ruins
    Built in 1525 on behalf of Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción and on the attempts to convert Taíno Indians to Christianity. Open Mon-Fri 8am-noon; 1pm-5pm.

  35. (787) 868-6442

  36. Faro de Fajardo
    Owned and managed by the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, the three headlands that extend into the Atlantic Ocean from the Island’s eastern corner opened as a reserve in March 1991 and features a nature center and a 19th century working lighthouse, "El Faro". The carefully restored neoclassical lighthouse is the second oldest on the Island and offers a magnificent view that, on a clear day, reaches distant Caribbean islands.

  37. (787) 860-2560

  38. Faro Punta de las Figuras
    Built in 1893.

  39. Federal Building
    The Federal Building was inaugurated the 4th of July of 1914. Is the only building in Puerto Rico with heating system. It was built with American surface plan, on the beginning of the 20th Century.

  40. Fuerte San Geronimo
    Located close to Caribe Hilton Hotel.

  41. Hacienda Buena Vista
    The estate house, slave quarters and farm machinery of this coffee plantation, built in 1833 and in operation until the 1950s, allow visitors a unique insight into Puerto Rican history. The rooms of the hacienda have been furnished with authentic pieces from the 1850s. 2-hr. tours. Sat-Sun 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Reservations required. Admission: Adults $5, children $2.
    How to get there: Take Road 52 to Ponce; exit on Road 10 north. Hacienda Buena Vista is at K 16.8, about 7 miles from Ponce on the road to Adjuntas.

  42. (787) 722-5882, (787) 722-5834
    Fax (787) 722-5872

  43. Hacienda Delicias

  44. Hacienda El Porvenir
    A plantation from the 18th century. By appointment only.

  45. (787) 897-6195

  46. Hacienda Enriqueta
    A small museum of colonial artifacts. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-3:30pm.

  47. (787) 877-3390

  48. Hacienda Florenciani

  49. Hacienda Frontera
    The colonial structure has three structures made of wood and zinc, the facilities display original processing coffee machines.

  50. Hacienda Igualdad
    Tours can be arranged around the chimney and sugar mill areas.

  51. (787) 821-2777

  52. Hacienda Juanita

  53. Hacienda La Esperanza
    During the latter part of the 19th century, Hacienda La Esperanza was one of the largest, wealthiest, and most advanced sugar plantations in Puerto Rico. Extending over 2,278 acres of an alluvial plain, it includes cemented dunes, limestone karst formations, a manor house, and a sugar mill. Excavations on the site have revealed a pre-Columbian ceremonial ball park, four plazas, petroglyphic carvings, and a burial ground.

  54. Hacienda Plato Indio

  55. Hacienda Rullan

  56. Hacienda San Calixto

  57. Hacienda Santa Rita
    Religious Museum, open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm.

  58. (787) 821-2777

  59. La Cruceta del Vigia
    For a incredible view of how the mountains meet the sea at Ponce, drive to the summit of El Vigia Hill located in Ponce, where scouts once scanned for attacking ships. Visitors can ascend La Cruz del Vigia, a 100-foot observation tower. Serralles Museum located near to El Vigia Hill, is a lovely landscaped former residence of the Serralles family, producers of Don Q rum. Open Tue-Sun from 9am to 5:30pm.

  60. (787) 259-3816 Fax (787) 259-3816

  61. La Fortaleza
    The Fortaleza building, originally built in 1540 as a fortress, but soon later proved inadequate to guard the entrance to the harbor. Built by Charles V and became the official Governor's Residence. The construction began in 1533 with a circular Homage Tower on top of which boaths of courage and fidelity were sworn. Reconstruction and expansions continued throughout the centuries. In 1846, it was remodeled and a neoclassical façade replaced its plain exterior, taking on the palatial splendor it boasts today. The building is surrounded by gardens. Tours in English are available every hour. Reservations required. Open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. Free admission. West end of Fortaleza Street, Old San Juan.

  62. (787) 721-7000 ext. 2211, 2288, 2366

  63. La Princesa
    Built in 1837 and was originally a jail. It was restored to house the headquarters of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Arts exhibitions are displayed in a gallery within the building. Open M-F 9:00am-noon, 1:00pm-4:00pm.

  64. (787) 721-2400

  65. Maunabo Lighthouse
    Located on Punta Tuna, near the charming little town of Maunabo, this lighthouse was built by the Spaniards in 1893.

  66. Monumento al Indio
    This monument, in honor of Cacique Mabodoma.

  67. (787) 872-2100

  68. Monumento al Jibaro

  69. Muñoz Marin Mausoleum
    Open daily 8:00am-noon 1:00pm-4:30pm

  70. (787) 857-3810

  71. Parque de Bombas
    Located in Ponce, this unique red and black, century old wooden firehouse is a landmark (and still in use). There are exhibits on the second floor, and the municipal band plays a free concert every Sunday night. Wed-Mon 9:30am-6pm. Admission is free.

  72. (787) 284-4141, ext. 342.

  73. Paseo La Princesa
    An ideal point of departure for your tour of the historical district, Paseo La Princesa is a beautifully restored 19th century esplanade, where Spanish Colonial gentry once strolled and took in the balmy Caribbean air. The Paseo sweeps from the piers that welcome cruise ships past La Princesa, a restored former 19th-century prison housing the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, around the Old City walls to the entrance of the imposing El Morro Fortress.

  74. Plaza Colon
    An interesting landmark to explore, the Plaza Colon features a large statue of Christopher Columbus that dominates the main square of Mayaguez. Sixteen smaller brass statues imported from Barcelona surround the main monument and add interest to this Spanish-style plaza.

  75. Plaza Colon
    Originally called St. James Square was renamed in 1893 to honor Christopher Columbus on the 400th anniversary of his discovery of Puerto Rico; bronze tablets at the pedestal of the Columbus statue record important episodes in the explorer's life.

  76. Plaza de Armas
    Built in the 16th century as San Juan's "Plaza Mayor" or main square. Plaza de Armas has been an important social gathering place for locals since its inception. More importantly, it served during 200 years as the site for military drills to prepare the city inhabitants for enemy attacks, thus the name "Arms Square". The fountain, surrounded by 100-year-old statues representing the four seasons and which dominates the square.

  77. Plaza de Recreo de Aguada
    The central plaza for Aguada.

  78. (787) 868-6242

  79. Plaza de Recreo
    Visit the town's main square.

  80. (787) 225-1580

  81. Plaza del Quinto Centenario
    Inaugurated on 12 October, 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovery of Puerto Rico in 1493, is a modern square on several levels with steps leading to a central fountain. The monumental totemic sculpture symbolizes the earthen and clay roots of American history. Placed around the plaza are fountains, other columns and sculpted steps that represent various historic periods in Puerto Ricos 500-year heritage.

  82. Plaza Juan Ponce de Leon
    A pleasant market of provisions, produce, meats, fast food, medicinal plants, jewelry and crafts.

  83. (787) 284-4141, ext. 460.

  84. Plaza San Jose
    This small square located in Old San Juan, boasts a statue of Juan Ponce de Leon made from cannons captured during the unsuccessful British attack on San Juan.

  85. Plazuela de la Rogativa
    A bronze sculpture by Lindsay Daen commemorates a religious procession in 1797 when a priest and women carrying torches and chanting saved San Juan by fooling British ships off-shore into thinking that reinforcements had reached the city.

  86. Puerta de San Juan
    As a fortified city, San Juan had six massive doors at different points in the surrounding walls, which were closed at sundown to protect its inhabitants. The only remaining door is located on the western side of the wall and allows you to re-enter the city when using the Paseo La Princesa promenade which borders the San Juan Bay.

  87. Punta Borinquen Lighthouse
    The Punta Borinquen Lighthouse was built in 1889, has been designated a historic site worthy of preservation by the National Register of Historic Places.

  88. (787) 891-1005

  89. Punta Higuero Lighthouse
    The Punta Higuero Lighthouse was built by the Spaniards in the early 1890s. This lighthouse still in use and it uses an unmanned 26,000-candlepower rotating beacon.

  90. Punta Mulas Lighthouse
    Punta Mulas Lighthouse also known as Morropó was built in 1885. This old lighthouse still protects the port, boasts a reflector imported from Paris in 1895, which extends a beam that can be seen from as far as 16 miles.

  91. Rafael Hernández Monument
    Monument to the memory of such as composer Rafael Hernández, considered one of the most important figures in 20th-century popular Puerto Rican music.

  92. (787) 891-1005

  93. Roosevelt Roads Naval Station
    Located approximately 35 miles east of the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads was named for then Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt, who conceived the idea in 1919 on a surveying trip.

  94. (787) 865-2000

  95. Ruinas Ingenio Azucarero Paco Gaztambide

  96. San Juan City Hall
    San Juan City Hall has been located at its current address since 1602 and intended by its builders to be an exact replica of Madrid's. The building has a tourism information center and a small gallery for periodic exhibitions.

  97. School of Fine Arts
    Built by the Spanish colonial government in the 1800s.

  98. Casa Alcadia
    Built between 1604 and 1789. In the 1840's the building was heavily remodeled providing its present day facade intended by its builders to be an exact replica of Madrid's. The building has a tourism information center and a small gallery for periodic exhibitions. Free admissions. Open Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm, except holidays.

  99. (787) 724-7171 Ext. 2391

Did You Know?

Puerto Rico is one among hundreds of small islands formed approximately 185 million years ago when a large shift of tectonic plates sank some areas and pushed other areas upward forming small islands.