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Gardens & Plantations

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  1. Botanical Garden
    Located at the University of Puerto Rico, Botanical Garden is one of the main attractions on the campus. With over 200 species of tropical and sub-tropical vegetation to color the landscape. Open daily 9am-4:30pm. Free admission. Route 1 at Route 847, Rio Piedras.

  2. (787) 763-4408

  3. Tropical Agricultural Research Station
    Visitors can take self-guided tours. There are many species of exotic plants and trees such as the traveler's tree, shower of orchids, ceylon cinnamon and pink torch ginger. Open weekdays 7am - 4pm.

  4. (787) 831-3435

  5. Montoso Gardens
    Montoso Gardens is a 90 acre (36 ha) botanical garden, tropical flower and fruit farm, and nursery with over 600 species of exotic tropical flowers, fruits, nuts, spices, and palms. Located on the south slope of Pico Montoso mountain, at 1500 feet (457 m) altitude in the heart of the rugged coffee growing region in Maricao. The farm borders the 5,000 acre (2023 ha) Maricao State Forest, and is registered as an Auxiliary Forest by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources. Admission $5 per person, by appointment only. Children accompanied by parents are free.

  6. (787) 838-0318

Did You Know?

In, 1994, Juan Mari Bras renounced his U.S. citizenship before a consular agent in the US Embassy of Venezuela for Puerto Rican citizenship.