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To add or update your lodging listing, complete the information on the form below. Please review our Submission Procedures and Guidelines listed below to ensure inclusion. When submitting updates make a note on the comments box about the nature of the changes.

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We strongly recommend supplementing your listing with at least one high-quality photo to ensure inclusion. Travelers find interior views and exterior views extremely helpful. Listings with photos generate approximately five times as many inquiries as those without photos.

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If your prefer you may submit photos by e-mail or brochures by mail. Ask for details.

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Submission Procedures and Guidelines

  • We do not accept listings for rental agencies. You must submit information for each property you manage separately. There is no limit to how many properties you can list.
  • It may take several days or weeks before we can process your submission. Our editors will make sure all information is accurate and complete.
  • All submissions are subject to review. We reserve the right to omit, edit, or reject submissions.
  • If a submission is not processed within three to four weeks, most likely it did not meet our guidelines.

Photo Guidelines

  • Photographs submitted to Escape to Puerto Rico should be clear, well-composed, and provide an accurate visual representation of the property and its significant features and amenities.
  • Submit photographs that showcase the look and style of your property, such as: rooms, facades and the setting in which th e property is located.
  • Views of animals, boats, and/or scenery (unless within visual context to the property) are not necessary.
  • Submit photos with original scan dimensions no less than 500 pixels of width or height and no less than 72 dpi (dots per inch). Feel free to submit photos with larger dimensions.

Disclaimer: Every effort will be made to include your location on our listings. Submissions are accepted on the understanding that EPR editors may revise them for greater conciseness, clarity and conformity with EPR's style.

Did You Know?

Because Puerto Rico is not a state, it has no senators or representatives in Congress.