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Puerto Rico's Government Officials

This list includes current elected and appointed Government officials (as of Jul 7, 2021).

President Joseph R. BIDEN Jr. (since 20 January 2021)
Vice President Kamala D. HARRIS (since 20 January 2021)
Governor Pedro Pierluisi
Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez
President of the Senate Jose Luis Dalmau
Speaker of the House of Representatives Rafael "Tatito" Hernandez Montanez
Department of Agriculture Ramon Gonzalez Beiro
Secretary of State Larry Seilhamer Rodriguez
Department of Consumer Affairs Michael Pierlusi
Department of Correction
and Rehabilitation
Ana I. Escobar Pon
Department of Economic
Development and Commerce
Manuel Cidre Miranda
Department of Education Elba Aponte Santos
Department of Family Services Orlando Lopez Delmonte
Department of Health Lorenzo G. Feliciano
Department of Housing William Rodriguez Rodriguez
Attorney Gen. and Department of Justice Ines Del C. Carrau Martinez
Chief Justice Maite Oronoz Rodriguez
Department of Labor
and Human Resources
Carlos Rivera Santiago
Department of Natural
Resources and Environmental
Daniel J. Galan
Department of Recreation and Sports  
Department of Transportation
and Public Works
Eileen Velez Vega
Comptrollers Office Yesmin M. Valdivieso
Commission of Safety and Public Protection Alexis Torres

Did You Know?

Puerto Rico is a very diverse region, with a mountain range, coastal plains, a desert and a rainforest.