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Quebradillas, Puerto Rico


Quebradillas is known as La Guarida del Pirata (the pirate's hideout) and La Ciudad del Cooperativismo (the cooperativism city). The town was founded in 1823 by Felipe Ruiz. This town derives its name from the large amount of streams that run through the town. The name literally means "small streams".

Quebradillas is bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of San Sebastián; east of Isabela; and west of Camuy.

La Cabeza del Indio

Quebradillas is home of one of the 20 designated forest reserves in Puerto Rico. The Guajataca State Forest, an example of Puerto Rico's more unusual topography. Karst country as it is known, is characterized by haystack-shaped hills and sinkholes. Over 40 walking trails, 25 miles of maintained footpaths through the karst region. Take expressway 52 and Route 2 to the road 446 exit between Quebradillas and Isabela (787) 890-4050; (787) 890-2050.

Northwest of Quebradillas lies beautiful Guajataca Beach, with its white sands, wild and deep waters. Perfect for sunning and collecting shells. You can also visit Lago Guajataca (Guajataca Lake), another beautifull spot and a lovely place for hiking. This man-made lake (2.5 mi/4 km long) was completed in 1929 by the Puerto Rico Electric Authority. Built primarily as a water reservoir, the lake was created by damming the River Guajataca.

There are many well-known quebradillanos, among them: basketball player Raymond Dalmau.

Quebradillas is made up of 8 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Cacao
  • Charcas
  • Cocos
  • Guajataca
  • Pueblo
  • San Antonio
  • San José
  • Terranova


  • Brisas de Guajataca (Puerto Rican), (787) 895-8063
  • Casabe (Puerto Rican), (787) 895-3070
  • Parador Vistamar (International), (787) 895-2065


  • Hotel El Guajataca (Small Inn), 1 (800) 964-3065
    (787) 895-3070
  • Parador Vistamar (Parador), (787) 895-2065

Festivals and Events

  • Carnaval del Guajataca - February
  • Festival de Chiringas - February
  • Fiestas Patronales de San Rafael Arcangel - October
    Every year, Quebradillas celebrates a patron saint festival, San Rafael Arcangel. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions. (787) 895-3088
  • Velorio de Reyes - January


Quebradillas Flag

Anthem: De lejos canto, porque anhela el corazn...


There are 10 public schools in Quebradillas, education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


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Demographics *


Puerto Rico: 3,285,874

Land Area: 22.68 sq mi

Density: 1,025.50 per sq mi

Median Age: 41.8

Sex: 52% female

Economics **

Per capita income
Puerto Rico: $21,058

Median household income: $17,425
Puerto Rico: $21,058

Persons below poverty line: 46.7%

Housing, families and educational attainment *

Number of households
Housing units density:
474.2 (2013)

Persons per household: 2.82

High school grad or higher: 73.8%

Marital status: 41% married

* U.S. Census Bureau 2020 data, unless otherwise noted - Source: Quick Facts Puerto Rico.
** U.S. Census Bureau 2016-2020

Map References

Coordinates: 18.4739° N, 66.9386° W

Zip Code: 678

Driving Distance from San Juan: 70.1 miles

Driving Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Did You Know?

Atlantic Standard Time (AST, GMT-4, Zone Q) comprises Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.