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Coqui Quiz

  1. Fill the blanks.
    In 1948 the Puerto Rican government established _________, a program of governmental support for industry through tax breaks.
    Head Start
    Operation Bootstrap
    Section 8
    Section 936

  2. Who led the U.S. forces that occupied Puerto Rico in 1898?
    Douglas MacArthur
    Christopher Columbus
    Juan Ponce de León
    General Nelson A. Miles

  3. Who is considered the most important figure in Puerto Rican music of the 19th century?
    Juan Morel Campos
    Rafael Hernandez
    Luis Pales Matos
    Francisco Oller

  4. What was the first book published in the island?
    Aguinaldo Puertorriqueño
    La Carreta
    El Jibaro
    Ocios de la Juventud

  5. Where is the largest radio telescope in the world located at?
    Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia
    Arecibo, Puerto Rico
    Habana, Cuba
    Mayagüez, Puerto Rico