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What to Do in San Sebastian

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Guajataca State Forest
An example of Puerto Rico's more unusual topography. Karst country as it is known, is characterized by haystack-shaped hills and sinkholes. Over 40 walking trails, 25 miles of maintained footpaths through the karst region. Facilities include: 10 campsites, campfires, bathrooms and showers. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy Guajataca Lake, a three mile long bass filled body of water, and a prime locale for bass fishing. Take expressway 52 and Route 2 to the road 446 exit between Quebradillas and Isabela.
Road 446
(787) 890-4050; (787) 890-2050
Guajatace Lake
The lake supplies water to various towns of the region northwest of Puerto Rico. Its water connect to San Sebastian, Camuy and Quebradillas.
Route 119
(787) 280-0430

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