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What to Do in Cabo Rojo

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Boqueron Beach
Boqueron beach is excellent for swimming. Admission US$1, parking for hundreds of cars ($2), camping, changing rooms.
How to get there: From San Juan take Road 52 towards Ponce, which will connect you to Road 2 towards Mayaguez. Take the exit onto Road 100, then take Road 101 into Boquerón.
Cabo Rojo
(787) 851-1900
Boqueron Forest Reserve
Located in Cabo Rojo just west of Boqueron. The reserve consists of 400 acres of mangroves wetlands.
Carr. 307 Km 8.8
Cabo Rojo, PR 00622  Map this
(787) 724-3647
Buye Beach
Just north of the village of Boquerón, on route 307 at Km 4.8.
Cabo Rojo
Cabo Rojo Lighthouse ("El Faro")
The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse located on Route 303, was built in 1881 over limestone cliffs that drop 200 feet into the sea. It is also known as "Faro de Los Morillos". This old lighthouse was automated and electrically charged in 1967.
Rt 301 Km 11.5.
Cabo Rojo
(787) 851-1025
Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge
Located along the coastal plain of southwestern Puerto Rico, the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, a subtropical dry forest, has a visitors center and interpretive displays as well as bird-watching trails.

An interpretive trail totaling 2 miles passes through the refuge and approximately 12 miles of hiking trails are available for birdwatching, photography and wildlife observation. Some 50 bird species occur in and around the refuge, including the endangered yellow-shouldered blackbird. No camping allowed. Open Mon-Fri from 7:00am to 4:00pm.

How to Get There
From Mayaguez, drive south on Route 2, take exit Route 100 towards Cabo Rojo. At the end of Route 100, turn left onto Route 101. Drive .8 mile, then turn right onto Route 310. Drive approximately 3 miles and look for the sign to the entrance of the refuge on left.

Rt 301 Km 5.1, Box 510
Cabo Rojo
(787) 851-7258
Fax (787) 851-7440
Combate Beach
Rt 3301 in the Combate area
Cabo Rojo
Isla Ratones
A small island reached form a roadside dock. Open Tue-Sun 9am-5pm.
Cabo Rojo
(787) 851-1025
Joyuda Beach
Cabo Rojo
Las Salinas
Discover how we get the salt from the sea water.
Cabo Rojo
Museo de Los Proceres
The museum includes a sculpture exhibition of national leaders, an Indian Culture gallery, exhibits of Puerto Rican contemporary artists, a collection of paintings and a theater for plays and conferences. Free admission. Open Mon-Sat 8am - 4:30pm.
Rt 312 Km 0.4
Cabo Rojo
(787) 255-1580
Phosphorescent Bay
Cabo Rojo
Plaza de Recreo
Visit the town's main square.
Cabo Rojo
(787) 225-1580
Punta Arenas Beach
Cabo Rojo
Punta Guaniquilla Reserve
This 388-acre reserve protects a diverse landscape that includes an arid promontory, a dry forest, palm and mangrove fringes, unique limestone formations in two lagoons, a cave system, cacti, and swamp areas. The tract is notable as the habitat of the endangered West Indian Whistling Duck, the Ruddy Duck, and the Caribbean Coot. The site is also recognized as a migratory bird sanctuary and an important wintering ground for shore birds.
Cabo Rojo
Punta Real Beach
Cabo Rojo

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