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Cool Site of the Hour
November 27, 1996 at 2:00 A.M.
Yahoo! for the Day
Wednesday November 27, 1996.
This site was chosen as an informative beach site for your area by Surf and Sun - World Wide Beach Guide in November, 1996. The Best Of Internet-Award of the Up2Day-editorial from in the category of "travel".
Looksmart - "The Editor's Choice Award." This award conveys the highest standard for providing a useful and high quality web site. Jan, 21, 1997 BownNet Web Awards
May, 15, 1998
Travelers' Choice
March 14, 1997
Editors Choice
January 7, 1998

The Webmaster Awards
27 June, 2000
May 17, 1998


Palm trees. White sandy beaches. Lush rainforests. This beautiful Caribbean island is just waiting to be explored, and you'll find it displayed in all its tropical glory at this plentiful site. In addition to the scenery, we're talking major geographical, historical, and governmental details. Serious demographics. Loads of tourist information. It's everything you could possibly want to know about the people, places, and things of Puerto Rico, down to the charming little coqui frogs. Bananas, anyone?

Review by Netsurfer

Britannica Site of the Day
Sunday, July 25, 1999

Welcome to Puerto Rico offers an informative and elegantly designed introduction to the people and places of this Caribbean island. What is even more impressive is that the site is not the product of a tourist bureau or agency, but is the labor of love of the site's author, Magaly Rivera, a native of Puerto Rico. The site provides concise, detailed overviews of Puerto Rico's history, government, geography, economy, and culture, supplemented with numerous photographs. It also provides tourist information and details on each of Puerto Rico's municipalities. Welcome to Puerto Rico will make you, too, feel like a native.

Review by Tory Mast
Britannica Online

Britannica The Web's Best Sites

Outstanding resource for material on Puerto Rico. Provides extensive information on history, geography, the economy, and culture. Also offers tourist information and details on each of Puerto Rico's municipalities. This site is comprehensive in scope and elegantly designed.

College Board Online At a Glance
July 13, 1997

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The Camuy River is the third longest underwater river in the world.