Barranquitas is known as La Cuna de Próceres (cradle of great people). The town was founded in 1803 by Antonio Aponte Ramos.

Luis Muñoz Rivera former home has been converted into a museum and library. Nearby, the Mausoleo Familia Muñoz Rivera holds the bodies of Muñoz Rivera and his son Luis Muñoz Marín, the island's first elected governor.

Barranquitas is located in the central region, north of Aibonito and Coamo; south of Corozal and Naranjito; east of Orocovis; and west of Comerío. Its rivers are: Piñonas, Usabón, Rio Hondo, Barranquitas, La Plata and Grande de Manatí rivers.

Barranquitas is home of the largest canyon in Puerto Rico (and in the Caribbean), the San Cristóbal Canyon. Located between the towns of Aibonito and Barranquitas, the canyon is nine kilometers long and approximately 750 feet deep, with two rivers flowing through it. the Usabon and Barranquitas rivers. It is also home to the highest waterfall in Puerto Rico, right on the Río Usabón. Guided hiking trips are available, for more information, call the San Cristobal Hiking Tour at: (787) 857-2094 or (787) 647-3402.

The surrounding areas produce coffee, fruits and flowers.

There are many well-known "barranquiteños", among them: politician Luis Muñoz Rivera, Luis Muñoz Marín, José Colón, Efrain Colón Torres, José A. Negrón Sanjurjo, Antonio Aponte Ramos, Naldo de la Loma, and Pedro Pereales.

Anthem: Aquí en el centro de nuestra tierra...

Barrios (wards) (8): Barrancas, Cañabón, Helechal y Honduras, Palo Hincado, Quebrada Grande, Pueblo and Quebradillas.

Rivers: Río de Barranquitas, Río Grande de Manatí, Río de la Plata, Piñonas, Río Hondo, and Río Usabón.

Land Area: 34 sq mi (86 sq km)
Water Area: 0 sq mi (.01 sq km)
Population: 28,909 (2000)
Density: 850.2 per sq mi (327.0 per sq km) (2000)
Housing Units: 9,740 (2000)
Housing Density: 284.6 (2000)
Per Capita Income: $4,978 (2000)
Coordinates: 18°11'12"N 66°18'23"W
ZIP Code: 00794
Driving Distance: 40.7 miles *
Driving Time: 1 hour, 24 minutes · Get Directions *

Festivals and Events

  • Festival de la Vega - May
  • Fiestas Patronales de San Antonio de Padua - June
  • Barranquitas Artisans' Fair - July

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* The distance was calculated from San Juan.

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Did You Know?

On July 25, 1996 the U.S. government recognized Puerto Rican citizenship. In, 1994, Juan Mari Bras renounced his U.S. citizenship before a consular agent in the US Embassy of Venezuela for Puerto Rican citizenship.