Naranjito is known as "La Ciudad de los Colores" (the town of colors). Naranjito was founded on December 3, 1824 by Braulio Morales. Derives its name from the large quantity of orange trees ("naranjas") grown in the town.

Naranjito is located in the central region of the island, south of Toa Alta; north of Barranquitas and Comerío; east of Corozal; and west of Bayamón.

Lago La Plata (Photo: Mayra Figueroa)

Naranjito is made up of 8 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Achiote
  • Anones
  • Cedro Abajo
  • Cedro Arriba
  • Guadiana
  • Lomas
  • Nuevo
  • Pueblo

Things to See and Do In Naranjito

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Where to Eat?

Festivals and Events

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Naranjito Flag

Anthem: Naranjito es mi hogar predilecto...


There are 14 public schools in Naranjito, education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


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Did You Know?

Medalla Light, Puerto Rico's top-selling light beer, won first prize in 2005 for light beer in Brussels awarded by Monde Selection. Produced by Cervecera de Puerto Rico, a family-owned business founded in 1937. Medalla Light has a thin, white head and a clear, fairly bubbly, straw appearance.