Bringing Home Baby

Solid Foods

I was very excited to start my baby on solid foods. At six months, I followed the guidelines and started slowly introducing solid foods. With the introduction of new foods; an arrangement of new products came along.

There is a large selection of high chairs in the market, the Prima Pappa High Chair was my option, top quality, sturdy and easy to move and clean. Color is neutral, so it will go with any furniture. The high chair has several height adjustment positions and a rocking feature. I originally planned to reuse this same chair with my second baby, Gabriel. I figure that Mireya would be out of it by the time Gabriel was ready for solid foods. But again, I foudnd myself buying another chair. We stumbled upon the Fisher-Price Space Saver Highchair while shopping diapers and baby wipes at Target. We immediately knew that it was what we needed, even when we were not looking for it. This chair has a high back with 3 reclining positions and 3-5 point restraint, making the chair very sturdy. It also saves space, it's easy to install and clean, and converts to a booster to grow with my baby.

Utensils followed close behind. I purchased several different brands of utensils (Avent, Munchkin, Gerber and Nuby) which included spoons, bowls and cups. The winner in this category is Nuby, their products are not only my favorites but it seems they are Mireya's favorite as well.

Nuby's temperature-safe spoons change color when food is too hot to serve your baby and the entire spoon has soft edges, perfect for baby's delicate gums. Nuby also offers a wide selection of no-spill cups; with and without valves, leak-proof design made of nontoxic, break-resistant plastic and easy to clean (No-Spill Sippy Gripper Cup and No Spill Cup).

Since I had a good inventory of Avent bottles, I planned to transition from regular nipples to spouts and later to Avent Magic cups to save money. It was a good plan, but after trying the Nuby product line, there was no contest. I stored all Avent bottles and accessories.


Bringing Home Baby
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