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I knew I wanted to breastfeed (Medela Breast Pump). There was no doubt that breastfeeding was the best way to nourish my baby, but I had no idea how much effort, time and patience was required. First, I thought that my baby will be ready to breastfeed just moments after birth, but sometimes a newborn doesn't "latch on" immediately. It took a visit to a lactation consultant at the hospital and several days of trial and error to develop a good latch. Secondly, I kept reading about on how much time I could save, "...formula requires measuring, mixing, sterilizing and cleanup." Pumping, labeling and washing bottles will consume the same amount of time, if not more. I set a goal to exclusively nurse for at least a year. I remember counting the days after the 8th month for my first born and from the 5th month for my second child. But the effort and the time investment is worth it, believe me! They are easily outweighed by the benefits to the baby's health and the experience of bonding and closeness. Four months later, I started weaning and I must admit that part of me did not wanted to let go of those precious moments when we were the closest. I will certainly recommend breastfeeding to other mothers.

On the other hand, while I was researching about the benefits of breastfeeding I learn from my mother that I was fed whole cow's milk from day one. This led me to a few interesting facts. Among the most interesting findings were that it was not until 1867 that infant formula was developed (made with malt, cow's milk, sugar and wheat flour). Before then, babies who were not breastfed received milk from cows or donkeys. Find out more about the history of infant formula following the links included below.

I highly recommend the use of support pillows while breast-feeding, it will save your back. My first buy was the very popular Boppy Pillow, but after a session with a lactation consultant who introduced me to the Brest Breast Friend pillow, the Boppy was no match.

Oh, my God! What a difference? This pillow provides support to the arms, elbows, and back. What else can I ask for?

Brest Breast Friend
Brest Breast Friend

To prevent and relief sore or cracked nipples, which is common during the first few days of breastfeeding, apply 100% lanolin after feedings. Most lactation consultants recommend that women use nothing but water to wash their nipples, but lanolin has been proven to be safe for the baby to ingest, and does not need to be washed off before nursing. But, it would be better to remove any excess. I recommend PureLan 100 from Medela and Lansinoh - Nursing Cream by Lansinoh.

Make sure to invest in a good hands free pumping bra like the Easy Expression Bustier, it will allow your hands to be free to do other things like work on your computer, read a magazine and talk on the phone.

Other products I could not live without: a bottle warmer and a bottle steam sterilizer.

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Bringing Home Baby
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