Bringing Home Baby


Do you remember the old adage "Better safe than sorry"? It is a good one and with a reason.

At seven months, Mireya became more mobile and curious about everything. She likes to touch and grab everything, and of course, like all babies everything goes into her mouth.

I started baby-proofing the house, I wanted to be prepared and keep her out of harms way. A simple enough concept, so I thought! After several trips and lots of returned items, here's how you can be safe rather than sorry.

The first task on my list was to cover electrical outlets with caps. I did with the Outlet Plugs (by Safety 1st). I also tried the Deluxe Press-Fit Outlet Plugs (by Safety 1st) because of the design, while is easy to install, these plugs are hard, nearly impossible to remove. Yikes! To cover outlets that are in use, I got a couple Double-Touch Plug N' Outlet Covers (by Safety 1st), the 2-piece design allows you to easily plug and unplug electrical cords, while preventing children access to live outlets.

I placed an Expandable Table Edge Bumper to cover and cushion the sharp corners of my living room table, where Mireya plays often. The bumper conforms to most table shapes and is available in several sizes.

To keep cabinets and drawers locked, again, I tried a good number of products, but my favorites are:

After trying two different devices on my attempt to lock the toilet seat I resolved to eliminate Mireya's access to the toilets by just keeping the bathroom doors closed. The Sure Fit Toilet Lock (by Safety 1st) would not stay attached in place after multiple installation attempts (suction cups), this lock kept falling off. The Toilet Lock (by KidCo) installs behind the toilet seat using the existing seat bolts. I was not thrilled about having to remove the toilet seat to install the lock, nor having the toilet seat placed in an angle.

To block entrances or access to specific rooms I installed two different pressure-mounted gates. A friend gave me the Hands-Free Gate (by The First Years) and later I purchased the Sure & Secure Extra Tall Gate. Both of these gates work great, no drilling required, they are easy to install and very sturdy. But I prefer the Hands-Free Gate because the foot pedal is great, especially for multitaskers like my self.

As soon as Mireya started reaching for the stove knobs I got the 5 Pack Clearview Stove Knob Covers (by Safety 1st). The knob covers are not what I expected, they don't seem secure enough and I was not able to find a similar product. The knobs dangle and you are required to use both hands to open the cover and turn the knob. But, they are serving the purpose right now. Although, I like warning note included in the package: "It is not a substitute for proper adult supervision..."

In general, stay alert, keep your eyes open and use common sense when safety is a concern.


Bringing Home Baby
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