Bringing Home Baby

Baby Care

When it comes to trying out new products I'm there. But of course at times it can get expensive. After six strollers, three bathtubs, two swings, two bassinets, and so many other baby products, here is my list of favorites.

Among the baby care products you will find an assortment of Burt's Bees and Johnson and Johnson baby products. Followed by the occasional splurges like, Mustela products with its sweet fragrance and Winnie the Pooh products (I can find these only at Target). I usually go for gentle, light or fragrance-free products. I found other brands to have too much perfumes, like Huggies, Gerbers and Baby Magic. The only one I like from the Huggies product line is the Shea Butter lotion.

Although I have not tried all the diaper brands on the market. Pampers will always be my number one choice. Huggies and Luvs tend to leak more often than I would like to admit. I really liked the Luvs for newborns, as they have an umbilical cut-out. I like Pampers Cruisers, they are comfortable, less bulky without losing absorbency. But if you want to shop for an environmentally conscious option, the gDiapers will be your choice. The biodegradable and flushable gDiapers are the perfect alternative to disposable diapers.

Several baby wipes brands later, again, Pampers takes the win. They are soft and the product line provides you with so many options. I love the ones for sensitive skin. The pediatrician recommended it when Mireya had a bad diaper rash and since then it has become my favorite. The runner-ups are Johnson and Johnson with its signature fragrance, a bit more expensive than other brands and Huggies, thick and strong wipes, perfect to use on wipe warmers.

For diaper rash, I tried quite a few ointments containing zinc oxide (Desitin, Johnson & Johnson, A+D, Balmex, etc.) At the end, plain old petroleum jelly did the best job. The petroleum jelly helped to heal the diaper rash faster, it is less messy than the other ointments, while protecting against future rashes.

Create the perfect place to change baby's diaper with the silky-soft Chamois Changing Pad Cover ($19.99, by Pottery Barns Kids). The cover is absorbent and cozy. Most of the other covers on the market are made from terry cloth, which quickly becomes rough after a few washes.

The Easy Wrap Swaddler ($9.99, by The First Years) makes swaddling your baby as easy as 1-2-3. As you may already know, swaddling is one of the most recommended and proven ways to calm and soothe your newborn baby. The design features a pre-shaped pocket and soft Velcro closures. Developed by hospital nurses, it's made of stretchy fabric that is gentle to baby's skin. A great idea, better than loose blankets.

Another good find and certainly worth mentioning is the Burt's Bees Baby Bee Apricot Oil, forget about the old baby oil.


Bringing Home Baby
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