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When my belly began to grow, I knew that the day will soon come when I would not fit into my size 8's clothes anymore. I avoided maternity stores like a plague. My mind was full of images of unbecoming, unattractive and ugly maternity clothes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way; many pregnant women refuse to buy maternity clothes. However, I had to admit that maternity clothes have come a long way since the days of shapeless, oversize and flowery dresses. Yikes! So, I finally ventured to the mall and made myself go into a maternity store (or rather I should say that I was dragged inside one).

I browsed through racks of shirts, dresses and pants, unable to find something I like. Although I was able to find a huge selection of flowery dresses, I can't believe they are still making them! It took several visits before I made my first store purchase. I knew I did not want to spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe, so I found that many of my regular clothes made from stretchy material worked just fine.

My first "official" purchase was online. I ordered few items at reasonable prices from GapMaternity. In spite of their styles and sizes, I found that the different panel types (an advantage for some) are a waste of money. I did not want to buy a new pair of pregnancy pants every three months. I wanted jeans that would take me throughout my pregnancy. That's when I found a little maternity store at the North Point Village, Izzy Maternity (Alpharetta, GA Tel. 770-753-0204). This is a great store to shop at. They have wonderful and kind service. Izzy Maternity also has a great selection and competitive prices. I bought a few "investment" pieces that I wore until the day of delivery and stored for a future pregnancy. You can also save money if you borrow some maternity clothes from friends and family or shop clothes on sale or at consignment shops.

Later on, I found the famous Bella Band, ideal for extending the life of pre-pregnancy pants during transition. Early on my second pregnancy I purchased one. A life saver, I was able to wear my regular pants throughout my pregnancy.

Skin Care

The rapid stretching of skin can tear the underlying connective tissue, resulting in stretch marks. I wanted to avoid these at all cost and I did. On a daily basis, I religiously applied lotions (especially those with Vitamin E) and Neutrogena oi l over my growing belly every chance I got.

Morning Sickness

Whose idea was to name it "morning sickness" when it lasts all day long? I'm sure it was a man (guys, please don't be offended). Seriously, this must be the most misused term around. The nausea and the gagging were constant. I was annoyed and frustrated. I tried everything I could, from salty crackers to ginger, nothing worked. The morning sickness persisted throughout my entire pregnancy. I practically became vegetarian, as the smell or taste of meats and sweets would just turn my stomach.

There was no doubt about my sense of smell being heightened. I avoided the malls and enclosed areas for months. Adventuring into such places was just like getting a punch in the face with a multitude of odors.


I did not develop odd or unusual food cravings, but I had the occasional craving for specific foods, including Wendy's frosty, Wendy's fries and Doritos in the morning (first trimester).


While I planned to keep a reasonably and consistent exercise routine I was unable to stick to that plan. Constant fatigue and an increased need for sleep made it impossible. Naps became a daily necessity. Taking naps on a regular basis made feel energetic, just as an aerobic workout. Wahoo!

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