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  • 1 docena de guineos niños
  • 2 tazas de harina de trigo
  • 2 tazas de aceite vegetal
  • 2 cdtas de azucar
  • 1 cdta de vainilla
  • 1 taza de leche


Calentar aceite mientras se pican por la mitad los guineitos y se les aplica la mezcla (agua, azucar, vainilla, leche) luego se echan a freir. Cuando esten doraditos se retiran.

Recipe sent by: Aidamarie Perez Burgos from Ponce.

My Fav Recipe Book

Find recipes like this and more in the recipe book Puerto Rican Cookery by Carmen Aboy Valldejuli. My mother gave me this recipe book on my 18th birthday and it has been my staple recipe book ever since.


Did You Know?

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, therefore U.S. citizens do not need a passport and can travel freely in and out of the island without going through immigration or customs.