Toa Baja

(TO-ah BAH-hah)

Toa Baja is known as "La Ciudad Bajo Aguas" (the under water city). Toa Baja was founded in 1745.

Toa Baja is located in the northern coast, north of Toa Alta and Bayamón; east of Dorado; and west of Cataño.

There are many well-known "toabajeños", among them: poet Virgilio D´vila.

Land Area: 62 sq km (24.0 sq mi)
Water Area: 18.54 sq mi
Population: 96,039
Density: 1,507.7 per sq km (3,920.2 per sq mi)
Housing Units: 33,473
Housing Density: 1,445.2
Per Capita Income: $8,666
Source: 2000 Census
Hymn: Espléndido Toa Baja, jardín de mis amores...
Wards: Candelaria, Levittown, Media Luna, Palo Seco, Pueblo and Sabana Seca.
Driving Distance: 25.2 miles *
Driving Time: 43 minutes *

Festivals and Events

  • Festival Banda de Musica - August
  • Festival de Artesania - March
  • Festival Playero - July
  • Fiestas de Navidad - December
  • Fiestas Patronales de San Pedro Apostol - June
    Every year, Toa Baja celebrates a patron saint festival, San Pedro. The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions. (787) 720-2452

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