Maunabo is known as "La Ciudad Tranquila" or "La Ciudad de los Jueyeros". Maunabo was founded in 1799. Maunabo derives its name from an Taino Indian river name "Manatabón".

The Maunabo Lighthouse located on Punta Tuna, was built by the Spaniards in 1892.

Maunabo is located in the southeastern coast, northeast of Patillas and south of Yabucoa. The annual precipitation is approximately 80 inches and the average temperature is 78F.

The surrounding areas produces sugar cane and fruits.

There are many well-known "maunabeños", among them: Rafael Dominguez, Gilberto Martorel, Maria Bodvin, Lios Gugo Suarez, and Jose G. Sugranes.

Maunabo is made up of 9 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Calzada
  • Emajagua
  • Lizas
  • Matuyas Alto
  • Matuyas Bajo
  • Palo Seco
  • Pueblo
  • Quebrada Arenas
  • Talante

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Anthem: Maunabo pueblito del sureste de mi amada patria Borinqun...


There are 8 public schools in Maunabo, education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


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