Carolina is known as "La Tierra de Gigantes" (land of giants), in honor of one of its inhabitants: Don Felipe Birriel, who was the tallest man in Puerto Rican history, with an unconfirmed height of 2.413 meters or seven feet eleven inches (7' 11").

Carolina is also known as "El Pueblo de los Tumba Brazos" (arm hackers town), because in old days, it is said that people resolved their conflicts with a duel. Lorenzo Vizcarrondo founded Carolina in 1857. The city's original name was Trujillo Bajo. It took on a new name when Don Gaspar Martínez, the person who donated the land to establish the municipality, requested that the town be called Carolina in honor of his daughter Carolina de San Juan.

Carolina once was an important center for sugar production. Today, Carolina is Puerto Rico's fourth largest city and is dubbed the Industrial Capital of Puerto Rico for its concentration of factories.

Carolina is bordering the Atlantic Ocean; south of Gurabo and Juncos; east of Trujillo Alto and San Juan; and west of Canóvanas and Loíza. Its rivers are: Grande de Loíza, and Canovanillas.

There are many well-known "carolinenses", among them:

  • baseball player Roberto Clemente
  • Jesús T. Piñero
  • poet Julia de Burgos
  • Elsie Van thin
  • Esteban de Jesus
  • Ramon Hernandez
  • Alfredo Escalona
  • Ramón Mellado Parsons
  • Domingo Gonzalez
  • Ezequiel Quillin Angulo
  • Maria Teresa Serrano
  • Jesús Maria Sanromá
  • Guillermo Angel Luciano

Carolina is made up of 13 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Barrazas
  • Cacao
  • Cangrejo Arriba
  • Canovanillas
  • Carruzos
  • Cedro
  • Hoyo Mulas
  • Martín González
  • Pueblo
  • Sabana Abajo
  • San Antón
  • Santa Cruz
  • Trujillo Bajo

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There are 46 public schools in Carolina, education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Carolina is also home of 8 colleges and universities.

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Did You Know?

Puerto Rico has more golf courses than any other Caribbean island.